Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Kathleen Lowenstein

We are all facing unexpected challenges this Earth Day, April 22, 2020, and find ourselves in a maelstrom of discouraging news and uncertainty. But it is difficult to ignore the notably positive environmental effects caused by pandemic restrictions such as travel bans, reduced transportation usage, closure of factories, etc. CO2 emissions have fallen in many cities and the difference in air quality is clear: in New York City, air pollution is 50% less than at the same time in 2019. Carbon emissions could fall by a record-breaking 5% globally in 2020. Wildlife has been returning to areas usually buzzing with human activity.

A drastic crisis has led to drastic changes, many of them tragic: the permanent closure of businesses, loss of jobs and savings, and of course, the painful absence of loved ones who have been victims of the new coronavirus. Our hearts are heavy.

But when we look back from the other side of this pandemic, let's recall this opportunity--living through this forced pause--to reflect on the small changes that can make a big difference if we make them lasting ones. We are witnesses now to the impact our collective behaviour does and can have.

The cosmetic industry has been evolving in the last decade, led in large part by small independent brands, towards more sustainable formulations and packaging. But what can YOU do to contribute towards this movement and improve your impact on the planet?

4 Tips for Cultivating "Green" Beauty Rituals

1. Choose Wisely
Pick products made with raw materials sourced in a responsible, conscientious way and without the use of petrochemicals (such as synthetic fragrance). If you want to learn more about the ingredients we use in Ablu products and why, check out our FAQ.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle
Reduce the number of products packaged in plastic that you buy and do your best to reuse or recycle the ones you do buy. It is also important to avoid products that contain microplastics. Want to find out the easiest kinds of plastic to recycle? Check out this resource.

3. Be a minimalist 
Simplify your routine by choosing multi-tasking products. For example, our Ablu body oil can be used as an after-shower moisturizer and as a nourishing hair oil. Our herbal facial steam doubles as a botanical toner. You can use our lavender & clary sage pillow mist to freshen your sheets or to clean your yoga mat.

Aside from reducing your consumption, being a minimalist with your routine can be beneficial for your skin health, especially if you better understand how to care for your particular needs and lifestyle. Soon we will be posting a blog series on biohacking your skin and how you can create the right routine for your life, not your type.

4. Try a little DIY!
There are countless online recipes for DIY beauty products (here is one page with simple options) and this is a great way to use what you have on hand and clean up your routine. Just be careful with what you apply, especially to your facial skin, and be sure to only use essential oils in appropriate amounts. We will be posting our own recipes here on the blog soon.


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