ablu: from "ablution", to wash, purify

At Ablu, we create products for face, body, hair and bath. We make our own formulas in small batches in our local laboratory. Our line is curated taking inspiration from succulent plants native to this high desert region and also cultivated ingredients from small farms. You will find indigenous species such as aloe, agave, cactus, cacao, avocado, tuberose, jojoba, candelilla, coconut, mamey and hibiscus featured in many of our formulas. Ablu products are scented with essential oils and floral distillates.

We source lavender, goat milk, honey and dried herbs and flowers from local farms and markets. Our aloe vera comes from an organic farm in Tamaulipas, and we buy organic vanilla beans from San Luis Potosí. We continually research sources for raw materials around the country, with a focus on the Bajío.