Legend has it that soap was discovered when rain washed ash and animal fat—residue of ritual sacrifice—into the Tiber river, where ancient Romans washed their clothes. The rituals of cleansing, purifying and anointing our bodies have been with us for thousands of years, surviving even the frenetic rush of modern life. These daily ablutions connect us to our past, to the natural world and humankind’s attempts to understand it.

At Ablu, we are inspired by both the power of nature and of human ingenuity, which is why we develop products using sensuous natural ingredients and highly effective plant-derived synthetics. We are modern alchemists, enthralled by the magic of transformation when nature meets the lab.

Our creed is beauty in balance. Sustainability is about balance, and how to achieve it in a vulnerable global ecosystem. We must balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s resources and it is this quest that is both our challenge and our reward as we seek out the best sources, formulate optimal products and strive to design less wasteful packaging.